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Welcome to Recon

Welcome to Recon Networks! We’re a collection of network engineers and analysts who have been developing network traffic processing and analysis tools for over 15 years. We strongly believe in both the power of network traffic analysis to reveal network issues and the need for easy-to-use network analysis tools in the commercial marketplace.

Network traffic is complicated and trying to make sense of it can quickly become overwhelming. We strive to develop tools that can help make sense of it all and can help users—from those just starting out to seasoned analysts and engineers—get answers to their questions about the networks they manage.

We are happy to launch the initial version of our publicly available Network Monitor, which is free for personal and commercial use. We encourage you to download the software and give it a try. See things you like, hate, or would like to have? Please let us know. Our aim is to manage a tool that is truly driven by the community that uses it. Expect future enhancements that will support user-developed contributions and sharing within the broader community.

Network traffic analysis is a huge subject area, so check our blog for entries on a variety of topics that should help new users get started (How do I capture traffic on my network?) and hopefully show experts something new (Making sense of one sided traffic). We hope to have something for everyone.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Recon Team.