Network Monitor Professional Beta 0.2.0

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After months of development, we at Recon are excited to release version 0.2.0 beta of Network Monitor Professional! Like the impending production release, the new beta is a free, fully-featured standalone network forensics application. There is no trial period, no disabled features, no usage limit, and no pestering advertisements.

New Features since 0.1.0:

– Added document (SMB) and unencrypted email displays in the Content Explorer

– Added disk usage to file upload display

– Added support for software updates in the About section

Enhancements since 0.1.0:

– Improved scrolling performance on Devices, Streams, and Content Explorer

– Updated Streams, Devices, and Content Explorer pages to load data on user request

– Added item counts to Content Explorer tabs

– Improved Content Explorer rendering performance

– Updated Content Explorer to display images transferred over SMB or email

– Varied UI page rendering performance improvements

– Updated Memory Usage display on the Capture page

– Updated stream “info tray” implementation

– Fixed Geo display in Stream Details Info Tray

– Improved App Server data ingest performance from engine

– Resolved resource leaks impacting performance in the Application Server

– Improved engine detection of email attachments

Download and try version 0.2.0 from our downloads page.

If you have any questions or comments regarding downloading or using Network Monitor, reach out to us on our forums or contact us.

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