Recon Network Monitor

Investigate issues faster, answer questions in greater detail, and discover the unexpected within network traffic.

Network Monitor is a passive network analyzer that provides concise views of device and application activity and is suitable for small to enterprise-scale networks. Recon ingests raw network packets from a live network or pcap file, reconstructs communication streams, and extracts metadata.

Processing rules can be tailored for custom application definitions, stream tagging, and metadata extraction. The Recon engine can also be configured to configured to stream specific metadata fields to external systems or a file.

Best of all, Recon Professional is free.

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Supports Detailed Stream Investigation
Supports Detailed Stream Investigation
  • Complete summary of all devices detected on the network
  • Streams grouped into devices show context and activity
  • Listing of device identifiers, system characteristics, and metadata
  • Detail view shows application, network protocol, and geographic info
Detects Applications and Activities
Detects Applications and Activities
  • Apps and activities determined by configurable rules
  • View network activity by application or activity
  • App usage listed across the network and for each device
  • Timeline view reveals usage trends
Detailed Device Listing
Detailed Device Listing
  • Rendered content for common types (image, http, document, video)
  • Full listing of extracted metadata
  • Clearly parsed HTTP headers
  • Hex-ASCII view of reconstructed streams
  • Complete streams are stored unmodified
Configurable Reporting on Any Metadata Field
Configurable Reporting on Any Metadata Field
  • Pre-defined and configurable reports
  • Summarizes content of entire capture
  • Reports include tabular and graphical data
  • Quickly identify streams of interest
Complete view of user activity
Small Footprint and Flexible Deployment
  • Browser-based User Interface
  • Professional runs on a single computer or in a VM
  • Supports live and file-based (pcap) processing
  • Agentless architecture monitors live networks using mirrored traffic
  • User-defined output queues (Provide data to Splunk, Tableau, and others via JSON, XML, or CSV)

Get Only What You Need

Professional Enterprise
File Processing: Yes Yes
Sustained Processing Limit: Upto 1Gbps* 10Gbps per Server**
Multi-site Support: No Yes
Long Term Data Storage: No Yes
Hardware: Simple host or VM Single or multiple servers**
Cost: Free Contact Us
* Processing rate assumes host hardware as detailed in Professional System Requirements table below
** System hardware specifications and processing performance tailored to customer requirements

System Requirements – Network Monitor Professional

Minimum Recommended
CPU: 4 Cores 8 Cores
RAM: 4GB 32GB+
Disk Space: 50GB* 500GB+
Operating System: Runs natively on CentOS 6 and higher, or in a Virtual Machine
* Recon Network Monitor software requires 300MB of space for installation. Default configuration assumes 50GB of space to store products from processed captures, but may be reduced if required.

Discover a Better Way to Analyze Network Traffic

Recon Network Monitor Professional is a free, fully-featured standalone network forensics application. There is no trial period, no disabled features, no usage limit, and no pestering advertisements. Discover a better way to analyze network traffic.

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If you require processing sustained speeds in excess of 1Gb, long term data storage, historical queries, or a distributed deployment, Network Monitor Enterprise may be right for you. Please contact us to learn more about Recon Enterprise and pricing.

Recon Networks is the premier provider of network traffic reconstruction and forensic analysis software. Our small team has dedicated years into the development of tools used to investigate network activity on all manner of networks.

We believe that sophisticated network analysis cannot be limited to the realm of niche consulting firms and big-budget high-tech organizations. There is a need for powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive (or free) tools that are available to any user who has a basic understanding of network protocols. Any system administrator, IT organization, or tech geek should be able to investigate and diagnose the bulk of their network issues and questions. Recon seeks to meet that need.

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